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Express shops, slotenmakers en personaliseren

Express shops en slotenmakers, geef uw bedrijf een boost door custom engraving: met de Gravotech machine kan u alles graveren.

From crafting stamps to creating internal signage such as mailbox plates and personalizing small tags and items, express engravers tackle a multitude of tasks and services. The overarching challenge lies in consistently delivering high-quality products within tight deadlines, distinguishing themselves in a competitive market and maximizing profits.

Gravotech offers item personalization and plate engraving solutions tailored to support express engravers, comprising versatile and small engraving machines, accessories, intuitive software, and a range of materials. This holistic approach enables engravers to meet their customers' demands efficiently and effectively.

Our solutions for express engravers

Our compact laser engravers are versatile tools capable of cutting acrylic signs, engraving plastic tags, and personalizing organic materials quickly.

As laser is a contactless technology, our compact laser engravers operate silently for both engraving and cutting.

Laser technology is the only suitable option for creating stamps from rubber sheets

Our rotary small engraving machines are recommended for engraving and cutting non-organic materials like metals or plastics. Mechanical engraving provides a traditional and authentic finish to the item and plate engravings.

The use of a diamond tip minimizes noise, and employing a spindle with a cutting tool enables deep engravings and cutting.

M20 in an express engraving shop

Select the right express engraving machine

As an express engraver you need to consider the following points before choosing a custom engraving and cutting machine:

  • Versatility: your engraving machine needs to be compatible with as many items and engraving materials as possible, ranging from plastic to leather, glass to jewelry.
  • Compacity and noise level: express engraving shops are typically small and lack a separate workshop, meaning that customers are often in close proximity to the machines. In these cases, M20 is the best solution as it is the most compact machine on the market for plate engraving & cutting.
  • Engraving speed and ease of setup: you need an engraving machine capable of swiftly transitioning from engraving individual items to creating mailbox plates from engraving materials.
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Express engraving and personalization

Add a custom engraving to medals, keyrings, and pet tags to boost profits.

Offering unique personalized engraving can generate a gross margin approximately 10 times the item's value. Your small engraving machine quickly pays for itself, while fostering a strong emotional connection with your customers.

Discover our wide range of blank medals, pet tags and keyrings in our online consumables catalog.

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Pet-tags gegraveerd met roterende graveermachine

Create and personalize trophy plates, and help your customers celebrating their achievements.

From thin labels with adhesive backs to genuine metal plates, we offer a wide range of engraving materials at a reasonable cost to craft custom trophy plates.

Labels and plate engraving can usually generates a profit equivalent to 10 times production costs.

Explore our engraving materials in our online consumables catalog.

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Gravolase™ Metallics - Laser graveermateriaal - Gravograph

Provide your customers with the perfect opportunity to assert their identity or express their sentiments through a gift custom engraving, and generate a turnover 10 times greater than the object's initial value.

Offer personalized engravings on small items such as pens, USB keys, thermoses, mugs, picture frames, card holders, padlocks, knives, and more.

Our engraving machines and compact laser engravers are compatible with all materials, sizes, and shapes.

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Personalized pen

Sign express engraving

Create and engrave small indoor and outdoor signage for individuals:

  • Mailbox plates
  • House plates
  • Door plates
  • Electrical signage
  • Name badges…


Choose within a wide range of indoor and outdoor engraving materials in plastic, anodized aluminum, stainless steel and brass to suit all needs and finishes effects. If you are looking for a premium look, you may opt for metallic-effect plastics, making it possible to produce premium signs at a reduced price and without the inconvenience of machining real metal.


Add color or enhance contrast to your sign and plate engravings with our paints, waxes and oxydising agents.

Gravoply™ Ultra - Laser graveermateriaal - Gravograph

Offer your services to create professional plates for doctors, notaries or any liberal profession practice.


Provide an authentic and traditional finish with rotary engraving technology, or offer a modern effect with intricate designs thanks to laser technology.


When using our Gravobrass™ Exterior metallic material, you can generate a profit 5 times the material purchase price.
When engraving professional metal plates, be sure to use Gravolaque to add color to your engravings!

Our solutions allow to create metallic signage with a high added value, where competition is less fierce as other solutions on the market are complicated to use.

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Gravoglas™ 1 - Laser graveermateriaal - Gravograph

Expand your professional clientele by offering personalized rubber stamp creation.


Laser technology stands out as the optimal method for producing high-quality rubber engravings. Its precision enables the creation of intricate and delicate lettering, which is essential for certain stamp designs.


Rubbalase™, our natural rubber material, ensures a reduced smell when processed and provide high-quality ink stamps

Discover Rubbalase™
Rubbalase™ - Laser graveermateriaal - Gravograph