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How to choose the right permanent marking technology for your industry?

Dot-peen, scribing or laser: which technology for product traceability?

After reviewing the direct part marking solutions available on the market, you need to choose your permanent marking technology. To do this, first take the time to define your business needs and constraints to find the solution that suits you best. Download our eBook to help you.
There is a multitude of direct part marking techniques, but the most common & durable methods remain dot-peen, scribing and laser. These permanent techniques ensure a marking quality that meets the constraints of industrial environments during traceability process.

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Want to learn how to choose an industrial marking machine for product traceability?


Laser plastic engraving

Product traceability: what are the needs?

The traceability process is essential for industrial companies. With productivity as the main objective, it is essential to integrate a high speed industrial marking machine offering durable and readable results.

Identification makes it possible to track every stage in the product life cycle:

  • Parts supply
  • Product manufacturing
  • Different storage steps
  • Sale to distributors or customers
  • Product life
  • Product recycling

Moreover, this marking makes it possible to identify and track parts over time. The marking adapts to each product or item and can take different forms such as: a text or serial number, a 1D code (barcodes), or a 2D code (QR codes or Datamatrix).

Integreerbaar op de productielijn voor identificatie en traceerbaarheid

Environment and marking technology

During traceability process, the environment where the identification marking will take place should be considered: on a production line or in a workshop.

Depending on this first choice, several constraints will need to be considered:

  • beam exposure for a laser machine,
  • the problem of noise,
  • the space needed for integration or positioning

These first criteria can already determine the technology for your industrial marking machine.

Dot-peen, scribing or laser marking: which technology to choose?

Choose the most suitable permanent marking technology

All three methods have their advantages and disadvantages. In reality, the choice will depend on your needs (durability, speed, cost, readability, adaptability, etc.) and the constraints specific to your production line or your work environment.

You must consider the possibilities offered by each technology to make an informed decision. And above all, keep your constraints in mind. Your choice will often depend on the nature of the project and your expectations in terms of results.

Gravotech - Dot Peen


Perfect for Datamatrix and 2D codes

Gravotech - markeermachine voor metaal


Ideal for serial numbers and texts

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Datamatrix markeren op metaal


Mark everything: texts, codes & logos

    Automotive traceerbaarheid op productielijnen

    A guide to draw up your specifications

    To help you select the technology that will best suit your production challenges, we have produced this comprehensive guide.

    On the agenda:

    • analysis of product traceability needs;
    • define whether the permanent marking should be aesthetic or functional;
    • precision on the type of material, hardness and surfaces to be marked;
    • definition of the constraints to which the parts will be subjected;
    • consideration of the marking environment;
    • definition of the budget to buy the most appropriate industrial marking machine.

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    Are you looking for a marking solution for the traceability of your products but you don't know which technology to turn to?

    Discover the criteria to take into account:

    • Choose the right technology depending on the material, hardness, surface, etc.
    • Typologies of permanent marking: aesthetic or functional?
    • The environment: workshop or production line?
    • How much should you budget for an industrial marking machine?

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