Gravotech - M10 Jewel

M10 Jewel

M10 Jewel - dit product wordt niet verkocht in de Benelux
Tool types

Diamond engraving

Marking area

250 x 15 mm

Compatible Materials


M10 Jewel - dit product wordt niet verkocht in de Benelux
  • Compact engraving machine
    The M10J rotary engraving machine has a 230x293mm footprint, enabling you to place it in small stores and workshops. Take it to Christmas markets, fairs or any event thanks to its lightweight of 6.5kg - one of the lightest on the market! Drop your tools and jewels on the plate on the top of the machine, designed for maximum space optimization.
  • Internal and external engraving
    The M10J is fitted with 3 jaws around the moving diamond tip for internal and external ring and bracelet engraving. Choose between 4 positions to match the jewel diameter and shape. No technical manipulation is required when putting the ring or bracelet in the machine, simply clamp it by turning the clamping wheel!
  • Error-free engraving process
    Easily position texts, symbols and logos on your jewels with the ABC engraving software. Your composition is auto-centered and simulated on the software interface before the engraving starts, eliminating the risk of error. Integrate an item catalog with pre-saved engraving settings to save time and stress!

Technical Specifications

Max engraving precision
0.05 mm
Engrave fine details even on small jewels.

Noise level
60 dB
Compatible with commercial activity.

Control software
ABC or GravostyleTM
Engraving software for either simplicity or unlimited personalisation possibilities.

Optional Bluetooth
For wireless communication between your device and the machine.

Accessory drawer
Keep your workspace tidy.




Marking Capacity

Max object height
Diameter 12.5 mm (0.5 in) to 80 mm (3.15 in)

M10 Jewel
Machine dimensions (L x W x H)

230 mm x 293 x 290 mm (9 in x 11,5 in x 11.4 in)

Machine weight

6,5 kg (14,33 lb)

Max. object size (L x W x H) (weight)

Diameter 12.5 to 80 mm (0.5 to 3.1 in)

Connection to computer

USB / Bluetooth (option)


ABC / Gravostyle / Gravotouch

Z stroke (Z travel)

10mm (0.393 in)

Tool diameter

3,17 mm (0,12 in)

Noise level

<60 dB

Operating Temperature

min. +5°C (+ 41°F) - max. +40°C (+104 °F)

Automatic Z axis


Maximum speed

5 mm/s (0.2 in/s)

Armband binnenin graveren met mechanische graveermachine

Diamond engraving is very quiet and does not cause any chipping as it scribes, and does not rotate like a spindle.

The diamond engraving tip automatically adjusts on the Z-axis for an exact and reliable engraving result.

Several tips are available.

Graveren van de buiten- en binnenzijde van ringen

Rings and bracelets come in different materials and precious metals.

The M10 Jewel jewellery engraving machine allows you to engrave them all.

Personalise gold, silver, copper, brass, steel, wood, plastic, and more.

Dedicace-software touchpad

Let your customers add their personal touch on their rings and bangles with the Dedicace™ option.

This personalisation engraving solution, patented by Gravotech, perfectly reproduces handwritten messages, signatures or drawings done on a specially designed tablet.

Anodized Aluminum​​
Coated metal
Gold, silver, nickel, platinum
Stainless steel​​
= Marking / Etching

M10 JEWEL: Gravograph dedicated ring engraver

The M10 Jewel has brought high added-value to jewellers for 10 years

Our historical personalization brand, Gravograph, started developing dedicated engraving solutions for jewellers at the beginning of the 2000’s. The M10 Jewel engraving machine has been launched in 2012 as an upgrade to Gravograph first ring engraving solution: the IM4R. Unlike its predecessor the M10 Jewel was designed for in-store animation, thus bringing additional value to the purchase.

Its small footprint and innovative jaw system made the Gravograph M10 Jewel a true success amongst jewellers all around the world.

M10 JEWEL - Gravograph